• 1992 - 1998 The Russian Adventure

    In 1992 started an export to East Europe and especially Russia. The russians turned out to be very interested in our swiss rolls and in the following years it became Coronet's single most important market. It culminated in 1997 where more than 300,000 rolls were produced per day which accounted for around of 5% of Denmark's total export to Russia! The 18th August 1998 everything stopped from one day to the next. Boris Jeltsin devaluated the Rubel with around 30% and the Russian economy went down into a servere crisis. In 2002 the economy were reestablished and the worst crisis was over. But in the mean time local production facilities has been etablished, higher duty levels arrived and perhaps also a slight change of demand patterns. The result has been that the export of this product never ever since has achieved former levels.

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